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We are dedicated to help our patients to be healthier to reach spiritual, psychological, and physical balance.

About Us

Dr. Julie Lung is both a California Licensed Acupuncturist and an Oriental Medicine Doctor. With a Master Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from University East-West Medicine and Doctoral Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Five Branches University, Dr. Lung has treated thousands patients at University Community Clinic and Redwood City Clinic for pass few years.

Dr. Lung is specialized on:

  • Pain Management: headache, neck, shoulder, wrist, back pain, arthritis, migraine
  • Woman's health: mense disorders, PMS, menopause, infertility
  • Post-Stroke, Post-Chemotherapy conditions
  • Insomnia/Stress/Anxiety

Dr. Lung is very dedicated to help her patients to be healthier to reach physical, psychological, and spiritual balance.


Dr. Lung is the most potent acupuncturist I have been to. She is highly skilled with the needles (gentle but precise), is a spot-on diagnostician and is a caring and compassionate human being. I have felt great since I started seeing her regularly. I always leave peaceful and in balance--very calm and at ease. 
The office experience is pleasant and easy. Parking is abundant. She is always on time. She is never rushed. Appointments are made quickly and the payment process is efficient. Dr. Lung is always friendly and greets you with a genuine smile. If I'm not feeling well, she always demonstrates sincere concern, is inquisitive and reassuring. The rooms are CLEAN. The space is decorated thoughtfully. And, the music....aaah the music is divine. What better music to have in a healing facility than soothing, healing mantras that are intended to bring about our enlightenment! I literally have NO complaints.
Thank you Dr. Lung! Linda P. Redwood City, CA

I came to Dr. Lung with a concussion, neck, back challenges from a fall at work...she is very kind and gentle. The cupping and acupuncture treatments have meant so much to me. The pain from the concussion-migrain- has all but gone. My back and neck are also getting better. I really enjoy going in..Dr. Lung is a very kind, gentle and has a depth of knowledge...
God bless her..Sandy, Redwood City

I have been with Dr. Lung for over a year now. I had severe migraines along with neck and back problems. Since working with her my migraines are now gone. And she is continuing to work with my other pains and other health challenges which all of these have subsided greatly! She is very compassionate and caring and always has a positive attitude.

Thank you Dr. Lung! Victoria M., Redwood City

I was referal by a friend to Sunchine Acupuncture. I have to say I want to give Dr. Lung more than five stars if I can. I had a lot of knee pains shoulder pain and foot pain due to intense athletic work out. Dr. Lung not only fix those problems, but she also figure out my overall health condition by look at my tounge and pulse and help me on those issues as well. Obviously she is a great acupuncturist ! I am a big beliver of acupuncture and I will recomend Dr. Lung to all my friends and family! Hu, San Mateo

I'd like to recommend DR LUNG to all my friends that're considering acupuncture & Chinese herb medicine as alternative to their medical needs. I first learned about DR LUNG from my sister, she has been treated by DR LUNG for several cases including sinus allergy, tennis elbow, menses disorder. My sister praises highly for DR LUNG's treatments. My first visit to DR LUNG was when my knees hurt badly & can't bend or lift after hiking. DR LUNG applied acupuncture & massage to my knees. After a couple treatments my knees can finally function normally as usual. Now I'm happy & back to hiking trail again just like before. I'm really impressed by DR LUNG of her nice gentle, considerate & caring personality charactor, & also her professional practice towards her patients. She always put her patient's health first. She follows up her patients after each treatment to make sure her patients get the best care & result to improve & regain their healthy life. I'd like to visit DR LUNG for treatment or medical consultation whenever I don't feel well because I know I've put my health in good hands which I feel so comfortable, trustful & peaceful. DR LUNG also often joins with others doctors to provide voluntary medical service for community charity to people who need it most but can't afford. I've seen the precious human quality such as compassion & humanity in DR LUNG. It's a beautiful thing to see. I'm so happy to recommend DR LUNG so that more people can see that beauty too. - Jane, San Jose

I would like to recommend Sunshine Acupuncture! Dr. Julie Lung fixed my golfer elbow after couple treatments. Also She is treating me for my frozen shoulder. I feel better after one treatment. I am convinece acupuncture can benefit my pain problem. I strongly recomen especially if you have pain! Dr. Lung is very considerate and proffesional. - Gary, Sunnyvale

I've been in the process of healing space to support a sound recovery for myself and decided I would like to get back into acupuncture so I could include it in my healing plan. My insurance, Blue Cross, covers acupuncture and a few years ago I use to get it on an ongoing basis. I hoped on Blue Cross's website and found Dr. Lung as a provider that took Blue Cross and was accepted by them for treatment. I typed her name into yahoo to research her since Blue Cross doesn't provide additional information other than names and contact info.

Yahoo directed me to Dr. Lung's profile and lovely website for her acupuncture/services website, Sunshine Acupuncture. I was impressed with her website, it has good energy to it. I saw she offered acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine, qi gong instruction, etc. I placed a call and spoke with her directly. She was very sweet and was able to get me in the next day for a 1 1/2 hour consultation in her Redwood City office. She works out of 2 offices, RWC and San Mateo - see her website for that address.

I show up the next day about 10 minutes early to start filling out the paperwork as I know what I'm in store for = lots of health questions. Her office is located in a building of suites on Veterans Blvd. near 101. It's a very convenient location. The building had a beautiful rock waterfall and sitting area for people to enjoy outside in between the suite spaces. It was very lovely! I am a sucker for waterfalls.

The first thing I noticed about Dr. Lung and her office was COLOR. She was wearing bright yellow and I couldn't help but smile and know why she was called Sunshine Acupuncture! She is full of vibrance and positive, cheery energy. Her office is decorated with some of the most outstanding, colorful paintings which I later learned that she did. I also learned she build her own website and does graphic design too. This all scored major points in my book because I am an artist and understand the healing powers of art.

Dr. Lung gives me my paperwork and tells me to take my time. She finishes up with a client and takes my insurance card to copy. After paperwork we go into the acupuncture room which has a table, heat lamps, an office/desk area and acupuncture supplies. The windows are long, wall style and go from floor to ceiling which allows an abundance of light to enter if the blinds aren't shut tight. It wasn't even noon yet and the room was bursting with sunshine! She has 2 of her cat paintings up which also added good energy.

We spoke for awhile about my health issues. She took my blood pressure, pulse and checked my tongue. The deal was sealed when I noticed she had a Hello Kitty watch on. I LOVE HELLO KITTY and found out she does too. Dr. Lung is so fun! She is caring, creative and chilkd-like in the most professional yet playful ways.

Treatment time. I move to the table, get comfortable and she begins the poking. After the first 10 or so I lost count at how many needles she put in me. I have never in my entire life received that many and wondered how she'd even remember where she put them. But she came through and wow did she deliver. I had needles from head to toe, literally, in all the spots... some I had never even been poked before by my old acupuncturists. Everything was sanitary and I would tell she knew what she was doing and was doing it GOOD. She put heat lamps on my belly and feet and adjusted the blinds to darken the room some.

She left me to rest and I easily slipped into a slumber of meditation space. I felt at total peace. She checked my insurance while i was resting and found out I have enough visits left to see her once a week till the end of this year! This made me so happy. Anyhow, almost an hour at the table had gone by and after removing the needles I was given a little - few minute - massage on my stomach and foot/ankle area that has been having extreme edema problems.

Acupuncture treatment is $70 w/out insurance for 1 hour. We had already spent an hour for treatment and she offered to flip me over to do more needle work on my back but I had to leave for SF and was at major peace with what we had done already. I thought it was very kind of her though to offer treatment beyond timing protocol.

God keeps sending these beautiful doctors into my life. Dr. Lung is now my new Acupuncture Angel. I highly recommend her services! I don't see how anyone could be disappointed with such a wonderful person. This was by far the best acupuncture treatment I have ever received. I am so excited to start weekly sessions with her!- Johnny, San Carlos